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The Athenaverse expands!

Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed Yaal.

The story of the Trident Alliance fighting the Ataxia Coalition is one that I’ve been bouncing around in my head for several years. I’ve put parts of the universe together since I was 13 and watched and read science fiction with my dad.

The humans, in the Intergalactic Human Confederation are caught in the middle. On an Earth that is barely able to survive, humanity realizes that its only survival ts to navigate to the stars. And so they do - to a host of planets. But these are the early days of human exploration.

The galaxy is not a nice place, unfortunately. We may think that the Trident Alliance is a force for good, after reading the reverse harem books and reading Yaal. I’d forgive you if you thought that. But at the end of the day, they have a job. To protect their populations. And they’ll do whatever it takes to do that.

Does that mean that the Ataxian Coalition is evil? Are the Odex really evil? They’re described as a theocratic autocratic race that crushes individuals. How much of that is true and how much of that is propaganda?

And even noble do we really expect nations to be when they’re only job right now is survival? If your house is burning down and the only way you have to survive is to run into a field of soldiers fighting each other, you’re going to bring a gun and be a little trigger happy.

Finding love in these circumstances - especially between a human and an alien involves overcoming obstacles that no poet, philosopher, or anyone in the history of humanity ever dreamed of. How would Romeo and Juliet turn out if Romeo was a 7 foot Vakutan warrior? 

I’ve been writing for the last six years and only recently found out that I could publish on my own so I can guarantee you a universe that’s going to be rich and immersive.

I’m working on putting the maps and star charts together as well.

Welcome to the Athenaverse!

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